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These last few months you have volunteered to participate in medicinal experiments and if you were to succeed you will be rewarded with a large sum of money as the price. There is only one last experiment to go trough and this will be your deciding factor. Will you make it?


Location: Tartu mnt. 80J, 10112 TALLINN



Megazone is traditional lasergame that uses electronic vests and laser guns. The game has different scenarios and battle modes. Ages eight and up!


Location: Tartu mnt. 80J, 10112 TALLINN

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Border ship “Torm” was found in 1999 as a ghost ship. Your challenge as the investigators is to solve the mysterious case and find clues which will lead you to the truth of what happened on the ship. Remember, you have just 45 minutes to do so!





We found a secret chamber, that opened with a timelock in 2018 and discovered that it was sent from the future to solve earth's energy crysis. Can you save earth?

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Asub: Tartu mnt 80j, 10112 Tallinn

Escape Room is an interactive action game where participants must solve various tasks, puzzles, use hints and strategies to reach the desired result. The aim of the puzzle is to get through the theme room in 60 minutes and discover a whole new world in the form of a selected genre. Escape rooms are suitable for anyone looking for fun activities. Whether it's friends, family or co-workers - Escape Room escape rooms offer something fun to everyone.

What distinguishes Escape Room escape games from other escape games?

Attention to details - Escape Room escape games bring you out of reality and lead you to a completely different world. Our are created in collaboration with the best film directors and stage designers who guarantee that the experience is completely unusual for the participant.

Passion - Escape room has been created by two passionate escape game lovers who played their first escape game in 2011 and fell in love with it. Since then, we have a deep desire to take the escape games to the next level, shift borders and offer incredible experiences to our visitors.

Customer satisfaction - We would not have reached so far without our fans and clients, and for this reason our visitor is always our first priority. Our trained team takes care of extraordinary experiences both on the front line and back line.

Technology - We are constantly developing a variety of innovative ideas and we use modest amounts of electronics in our games to create unexpected surprises.

Raising the bar - When we started we wanted to be more than just an escape game offerer. We did not want to offer just a fun experience, but to offer the BEST experience.

Before arriving:
Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes before your game start time.In case of delay, we are obliged to shorten the time spent from the game time.

1. You have 60 minutes to escape from the theme room and for that you need to solve different puzzles and tasks.
2. To escape from the room you don't need to use physical force
3. There are no scary elemenets or anything scary in the room
4. It is strictly forbidden to climb the furniture or to move heavier furniture
5. Cables and other electrical systems are not part of the game and are marked with a black yellow tape. Removing the security tape is strictly forbidden
6. In the escape rooms you need to think outof the box and use teamwork
7. In the escape rooms it is strictly forbidden to take pictures or to take videos, we have security cameras inside the rooms
8. If tasks or puzzles are hard, then you can ask for hints with the radio transmitter
9. Do not come to play if you are intoxicated, if our game guides feel that the participant is in an inadequate state and is dangerous both to himself and to his co-players then the employees of escape room have the right to stop the game or not to start the game at all.
10. The material damage caused to Escape Room must be fully compensated by the participants
11. For the age group under 12 years of age, we recommend parental supervision who can help the younger ones if needed

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Theatrical experience games are an entertainment which has gained huge amount of popularity around the world and comes from America.

What does Emotion Factory offer?

Today emotions are mostly offered through different technology, but our goal is to offer real emotions with real people. Players attend a theatrical game, where their boldness, fear tolerance and teamwork are put to the test. Actors will guide the way and take care of serving maximum thrill. Participants only task is to enjoy the ride.

n addition to excellent actors, you come accross 400m2 of gamespace and many exciting special effects which create an unique atmosphere. Emotion Factory is created by Estonias leading escaperooms provider Escape Room, whos motivated team is constantly evolving on developing new outcomes, to offer exclusive experiences in our plain days.

Who is Emotion Factory ment for?

We offer undelible memories to all: are you an old horrorfriend or an adrenaline junkie. Games are ment for upto 6-member groups. You can visit us with your friends, arrange stunning and memorable birthdays, supriseparties or corporate events. We are inviting you to take part of this new experience which changes your views of today’s tedious entertainment landscape.

1. The total play time is 40-50 minutes, depending on the moving speed of the group.
2. It is forbidden to play when you are in a state of intoxication caused by the consumption of alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic substances or other substances with similar effect.
3. It is forbidden to bring guns, knives and other self-defense devices to the playroom.
4. In the theatrical game, players are allowed to move only in the point direction of the arrows or light indication in the playing field and according to the staff instructions. Players are forbidden from being separated from each other.
5. It is forbidden to film, illuminate with personal equipment or to use cell phones in game. Video surveillance is in place!
6. It is recommended to play in everyday clothes. In the playroom, clothes may become dirty when you go against the walls. It is not advisable to play in suits, dresses, high heels. Emotion Factory does not take responsibility for dirty clothes.
7. It is forbidden to touch Emotion Factory actors.
8. Emotion Factory does not take responsibility for the health problems that occur in the playroom.
9. Children under the age of 10 may play only with the parent's permission.
10. There is no need to use physical force during the game.
11. Climbing up the furniture or moving heavy objects is forbidden during the game.
12. If the participant is unable to continue the game and wishes to cancel, then it must be announced to the actor during the game and you will be sent to the lounge.
13. By purchasing a thematic game of the Emotional Factory and entering the game, the players confirm that they have read and agreed to the rules of the game; they are not entitled to submit complaints against the organizers of the game or actors participating in the game and they are aware that the effects, activities, props, etc. used in the game are not directed personally to any player in the game.
NB! Emotion Factory employees have the right to cancel the game if a member of the group or members fail to comply with the rules of the game and behave in a rude or malicious manner. In this case, Emotion Factory is not obliged to return the ticket fee to the player and has the right to make a penalty of up to 4 times the price of the game!
NB! Bright light, stroboscopes and other sound, light and special effects are used in the rooms.
NB! Customers with various health or psychological problems (darkness, hysteria, nervousness, claustrophobia, etc.) and pregnant women should consult a doctor before the game.
NB! If you wish to cancel the booked time, it's time to cancel at least 2 hours before the game starts. Otherwise, the Emotion Factory will have the right to charge a fee for the booked game.

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Escape Room

We are located by Telliskivi Creative City, near to Baltic Station - our address is Telliskivi 60M
Parking is paid parking and the nearest car park is directly in front of the entertainment center.
In an escape game you need to think outside of the box and use teamwork. In the room you need to solve different puzzles and tasks.
The games are 60 minutes. But plan on spending about 90 minutes for the whole experience – before your game we’ll look through the rules and answer any questions.
All of our games are in english.
Yes, but for the age group under 12 years of age, we recommend parental supervision who can help the younger ones if needed.
No, there are no shocking moments or scary elements in the games. If you like scary and horror then we recommend the Emotion Factory.
There is no reason to be scared of that because you have a radio transmitter and you can always ask for extra help.
If you have a reason to leave the room while playing, then you can ask to through the radio transmitter.
Yes you can, but then the experience might not be the same due to overcrowding the room. We would advise you to take two separate rooms that start at the same time.
Yes we do, you can buy them through our website or on the spot.

Emotion Factory

We are located by Telliskivi Creative City, near to Baltic Station - our address is Telliskivi 60M
For bigger groups, the game should be organized in several groups and the games should be made one after the other. Unfortunately, we do not allow more than six people in one game, because some exciting sketches take place in smaller rooms and the group may not physically fit. Our goal is to provide everyone with indelible emotions and experiences, and for this reason, we have set rules that support our goal in every possible way.
The game lasts for 40-50 minutes depending on the moving speed of the group.
Becase of the reason that the action game is played in unheated spaces outside the temperature should be taken into consideration, but you don't have to fear for rain or snow.
We have not set an age limit. All children are different, and therefore we put parents at heart that this is still a horror game, and we recommend sending an adult who can keep an eye on the children under 12 years of age children.