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Cannibal Hannibal

One of your friends has been seeing a psychiatrist named Hannibal Lecter. However, after his last visit he’s gone missing. It has now been a week since his disappearance and you decide to investigate. You suspect that Lecter himself is behind it. Will you see your friend again?


Blind Experiment

For the past few months you’ve been part of a medical experiment, if you complete it successfully you’ll receive a cash reward. There’s only one test left to finish the experiment. Will you succeed?



“Megazone” is a traditional laser tag game. We use electronic vests with laser guns. You can play through different scenarios and game modes on our laser arena. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

One Lasertag lasts 20 minutes

Casino Heist

You wake up to a text from an unknown number: “If you want your friend to live, bring me 100 000€. You have exactly 60 minutes!” You call your most trusted friends to help you rob a casino. While you’re conducting your heist it turns out that it’s not an ordinary casino at all. What makes this one so unusual? Come and find out.


The Mystery of Border Ship Torm

The border ship Torm was found as a ghost ship drifting on the gulf of Tallinn in 1999. Remains of the crew were found on board, but nobody knows how or why they died. Your goal as investigators is to find out what happened to them. But remember, to solve the mystery of Torm you only have 45 minutes. Hurry!


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