Where did you have your last birthday party?


Escape Room Factorys Adventure center offers You the possibility to host a birthday party that everyone attending will remember for years to come. In our center we strive to make each birthday party special, we are open to original ideas and offers and try to do everything in our power to make the event amazing. You can spend time in our steampunkish rustic desgin lounge areas. We can host up to 50 people at once and also, when needed, offer catering.

For birthdays you can combine different services that we offer on the spot.

Escape rooms:

In the past few years Escape Rooms have gathered popularity at ultrasonic speeds. It was just a few years ago that only a few escape room services existed. Nowadays you can easily find many different rooms just around every corner in Tallinn. Escape rooms are inspired by computer games that have been turned into physical adventure games in which you have to solve different riddles and tasks to finish in time. The first escape rooms started out in Japan in the years 2006-2007 and started to spread from there, nowadays escape rooms have spread out all over the world. The basic game set-up is that you have 60 minutes to finish the challange. Of course there are rooms with varied times. In Escape Room Factorys complex you have the chance to try out many different escape rooms.

Adventure park:

The adventure park puts your physical prowess to the test. The track consists of 8 obstacles. The safety instruction will be shown and made clear by our employees, so that everyone could have the maximum amount of fun.

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