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Escape games price list:

A group can be as big as 2-6 people. Bigger groups can book several escaperooms that start at the same time.

Prices apply to groups up to 18 people, in case of bigger groups please contact our organizatsion team at address To cancel you experience game, please inform us at least 24h before the game should take place. Otherwise you must compensate 50% of the booked games price.

Prices for one escape game:

1-2 people = 45 EUR/€
3-4 people = 60 EUR/€
5-6 people = 75 EUR/€

Theatrical action games prices:

The size of the group can range from 2-6 people. For large groups it is possible to book several consecutive times and for more information, please contact our management team at

1-2 people = 65 EUR/€
2-6 people M-T 10.00-16.15 = 65 EUR/€
2-6 people M-T 16.15-22.30 = 75 EUR/€
2-6 people F-S 10.00-22.30 = 75 EUR/€

In case of cancellation of the game of entertainment, it must be notified 24 hours before the game game takes place. Otherwise, you must pay 50% of the price of the booked game.

Conference Room Prices:

Our conference room is perfect for organizing various product presentations, meetings, departmental events, Christmas parties or birthdays, and we will meet your wishes with all of our team. If necessary, we will arrange catering for you.

The conference room price list is as follows: 1h = 12 EUR / 2h = 20 EUR / 5h = 45 EUR

If you wish, it is possible to bring your own food and drinks, but in this case a one-time fee of 20€ will be applied, which will include the following cleaning after the event and various consumables (knives, forks, plates, etc.)